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5 ways to maintain dental crowns

Crowns are the most versatile way to restore smiles, strengthen teeth, and help to correct any array due to cosmetic flaws. One of the main reasons to choose dental crowns is their durability. If you take proper care of your dental crowns, then they can last for many years.
And the key to this is knowing the appropriate steps to clean and take care of them. If you have a single dental crown or more dental crowns, follow the five steps to ensure that your crowns last longer. If you want a dental crown in Westmont IL, you can check out Celebrity Smiles.

#1. Avoid eating hard and sticky food

Even though crowns are built strong, they can still get damaged due to the daily pressure they have to bear and the everyday wear and tear process. If you chew on hard food like candies or ice, these can lead to chips and crack on your crowns, or they might even break your crowns. This means that you will have to replace them before they are typically changed. So, change them from your nearest dentist, like a dentist in Westmont, if you live in Westmont.

If you eat chewy and sticky food, you will have to avoid them as they cause many dental issues by sticking bits and getting trapped between the crowns and the gums. This will ultimately weaken and loosen your crown. So the best is to avoid these as much as possible. Also, note that the durable porcelain used to make the dental crowns is designed such that it resists stains. This also means that crowns can be whitened similarly to natural teeth.

Before you get a crown, getting your natural teeth professionally whitened will be better so that the crowns match the natural teeth and look best. Getting whitening done after you get crowns will be very hectic as the color of the crowns will be challenging to match with the natural color of your teeth. So, get to the dentist for a dental crown in Westmont IL.

#2. Regular brushing and flossing to keep teeth healthy

Your crown is artificial, but the supporting tooth underneath it still requires regular care to stay healthy. Even though the dental crowns extend over the entire tooth surface, you require to brush the crowns properly to get rid of sticky plaque film and make them look their best. Flossing is also essential to cleaning teeth, as sticky food or germs can get trapped between the teeth and gums.

When you get a temporary dental crown placed for the time till your permanent crowns arrive, it is said not to dislodge it during the flossing process. But when it comes to permanent crowns, they adhere with a stronger dental cement so that you don’t have to worry while flossing around the crowns, and it is comfortable to floss them just like natural teeth.

Even though crowns cover the tooth, you may still feel sensitive to hot and cold food, which is typical. If you feel like your teeth are sensitive, you must use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth or get to a good dentist like Celebrity Smiles, known for their dental bridges in Westmont IL.

#3. Kick out your bad habits

Are you prone to biting your nails, chewing on pencils and pens, ice, or other complicated things? Or do you grind teeth when you feel stressed? Or do you use your teeth to open cans or bottle caps? Stop. These habits are not just harmful to your artificial dental crowns, but they can chip or break your natural teeth, also. Also, the hard objects can splinter and get between your gums or even harm them.
If you have already tried to break such habits without success, then now is the time to double down. Not only will the crowns and gums improve, but you will also protect the investment in your new crowns. So, get to Celebrity Smiles and get your dental crowns or dental bridges in Westmont IL.

#4. Try night guard

If you grind your teeth, this one thing will help you immensely. It will curb the grinding and clenching habit when you are awake; then, you will know that you are doing it. The issue is that many people grind and clench their teeth while sleeping, which means they are unaware of this habit. This habit won’t look like a serious issue, but with time you will start to notice a severe toll on your teeth.

#5. Take regular dental appointments

By getting regular check-ups and cleaning sessions every six months, you can ensure that healthy gums and supporting teeth are also healthy. You can visit a dentist in Westmont to get your regular dental check-up. You can get your dental check-ups from Celebrity Smiles, which also provides dental bridges in Westmont IL.

Bottom line

Dental crowns are a great way to replace your broken teeth. They need to be taken good care of so that they can last longer than average crowns. Those mentioned above are the tips you can use to maintain your dental crowns for longer. Celebrity Smiles are one of the best providers of dental crowns in Westmont IL so you can get your dental crowns from them at affordable rates.

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