6 Major Benefits of Dental Implants Shared by Dentist in Westmont

How dental implants can boost your confidence if you lose teeth.

Thanks to the latest technology available to Celebrity Smiles in Westmont, the dental implant procedure has never been easier. A dental implant is a small, often metallic screw that is drilled in the jaw bone of the patient that serves as a replacement for a natural tooth root. 

The screw of the implant is typically made of titanium alloys or titanium and it is very durable and can withstand the test of time. Once the procedure has successfully been completed, it is fused with the bone through another procedure called osseointegration where a prosthesis such as a denture or crown is placed on the screw and it can then be used as a replacement tooth.

6 Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have many benefits but these are the 8 most significant ones.

Bone Loss is Effectively Prevented

  • When a tooth is damaged or lost, the bone that surrounds the root and supports the tooth can begin to disintegrate. These implants help prevent this by fulfilling the same functions of a natural tooth root. It stimulates the bone so that it remains active and does not disintegrate.

Preserves Your Natural Smile

  • When you lose a tooth, the bone degrades very quickly. This inevitably causes the lips and the mouth to sink inward. Not only this is uncomfortable for the patient, but it also changes the natural smile. 

A dental implant effectively halts this process and protects the infrastructure of your mouth which in turn preserves your smile for a long time to come.

It Feels Just Like Natural Teeth

  • When someone loses a tooth, day to day activities may be affected and that could lead to severe anxiety in an individual. Even getting bridges and dentures is not a good option because you’ll have to have them replaced at given intervals. 

With a dental implant, you can rest easy knowing that the implant will stay there for a very long time to come and will help you maintain that beautiful smile of yours for years to come. Since it perfectly fuses with the bone, it literally becomes a part of you. The replacement tooth is also typically very strong and feels and looks exactly like a real tooth.

Adjacent Teeth Are Well Protected

  • When one or more teeth are lost, it can start to affect the adjacent teeth. The neighbouring teeth start to move into the empty space which can cause damage to gum health as well as make the teeth unstable. dental implant

When an implant is installed, the teeth will remain in their place and there will be no gum damage. Since implants act as a replacement for natural teeth, it acts the same as any tooth in your mouth.

It Preserves Your Bite

  • Missing teeth can make it difficult to bite or chew food. This means many of the things that you love to eat may not be suitable for you anymore. Some people even feel that their bite has weakened and their mouth feels collapsed. Dental implants are designed to reinforce the bone and prevent any tissue suffering from a bite collapse.

It’s a Permanent Solution

  • Dental implants are preferred all over the world simply because they are long-lasting. They are designed to withstand the test of time and usually last years to come. Many studies have proven that implants may survive as many as 40 years or more.

Of course, this is based on various factors such as how the patient treats their teeth and how their health is. But the statistics are there and this is exactly why people prefer them over dentures or bridges.

Need a Dental Implant?

If you suffer from a tooth loss and want a reliable solution to fill the empty space, a dental implant is a perfect procedure for you. Book an appointment with Celebrity Smiles and let us help restore the function of your mouth and preserve your beautiful smile for years to come.