when should adults aged 40 need dental implants

What Are Some Signs Adults Aged 40 Need Dental Implants

Dental implants for 40 plus individuals? Signs adults aged 40 need dental implants.

Many people believe that age is just a number and 40 is the new 20. As much as we want to believe it, sometimes our teeth will portray a different story. Dental deterioration can start in the early 30s and it can become much worse when a person reaches his 40s. Untreated dental diseases can lead to the loss of precious teeth and gums.

People who suffer from permanent tooth loss often opt for artificial teeth and dentures. Dentures are artificial devices that substitute natural teeth that have been lost due to old age or accident. Dentures are fixed inside the mouth where they are held in place by soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.  

Conventionally, dentures were required by senior citizens at the age of 70. However, a surprising number of patients who need dentures are 40 and above. According to a survey, 20 million women who are above the age of 40 require partial or full dentures for carrying out everyday activities. 

Dentures are a last resort and all effort must be taken to protect precious teeth. If you fear you are suffering from tooth loss, take corrective action now. To do that, you should be able to identify the telltale signs that indicate early tooth loss. Let’s take a look at some of these signs:

You Have Loose Teeth

  • If you notice any gaps between your teeth or experience loose teeth that have become partially detached from the gum, then it is a sign that you are on the verge of losing teeth. Loose teeth are a manifestation of gum disease that has reached advanced levels. 

Consult a dentist if you experience a shift in your teeth, so the issue can be handled at hand.

You Suffer From Awful and Recurrent Tooth Ache

  • The teeth are made of hard material and cannot experience any pain. Any sensation we feel is due to the nerves present inside the pulp which is the innermost layer of the tooth. If you experience severe tooth pain, it is a sign that the infection and decay have reached the center of the tooth after destroying the remaining three layers of the hard tooth.

Consult a dentist immediately and see if your tooth can be fixed by a simple filling procedure or through a root canal treatment. If the infection has reached an advanced stage then you may need partial dentures. 

You Have Irritated Gums

  • Gums indicate the health of the mouth. If you have swollen, red or inflamed gums, it can be a sign of an underlying periodontal disease such as gingivitis in its early stage. Gum diseases are quite common and they often result in the loss of teeth. 

Irritated gums require immediate attention and if treated at an appropriate time, gum disease may not cause irreversible damage. However, if it is not treated properly and on time then the infection spreads to the bone and dentures become a must. 

You Suffer From Indigestion

  • Your gastro problems can be attributed to your weakened teeth. If you have loose or painful teeth, chances are that you will not grind and chew food properly. As a result, larger food particles will enter your digestive system and will cause indigestion, stomach ache, and other problems. 

sure signs adults aged 40 need dental implants

Regular Dental Checkups are Not a Part of Your Routine

Regular dental checkups can help identify underlying problems early on. If you are 40 or above and haven’t included regular dental checkups as a part of your routine, then you are at high risk of facing tooth loss and ultimately opting for dentures. 

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