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dentures for people aged 40 and above in westmont

Why Do People Above The Age of 40 Need Dentures?

Do individuals above the age of 40 need dentures? Dentists in Westmont weigh in Aging is a natural and irreversible process. Aging leads to multiple undesirable changes such as loss of the teeth. Poor oral health and hygiene and a genetic predisposition to tooth loss

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dental implants for people aged 40

Are Dental Implants Safe for People Aged 40 and Above?

Considering dental implants? Are dental implants safe for people aged 40 and above? Tooth loss happens due to multiple reasons. Some of which include decay, injury, or periodontal disease. Losing a tooth is a painful process with multiple consequences such as indigestion, difficulty in chewing,

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Smile-After (2)

Sandu Before and After Smile Makeover

After Sandu saw how amazing his wife’s smile makeover was he decided it was his turn! He flew in from California and has been living out of a hotel for 2 weeks while I completed his work. This is extreme crown & bridge work that

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Office Pictures

As stressful as 2020 has been we are still supporting our patients and having a great time! [FinalTilesGallery id=”2″]  

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how to get healthy teeth and gums

4 Best Practices for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Here are some of the top practices used by dentists for healthy teeth and gums. Teeth are an important part of the body. They not only play a very vital role in the mastication of food but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of

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laser dentistry advantages

Laser Dentistry Benefits and Applications

Learn in detail about laser dentistry benefits and its many applications from expert dentists in Westmont Dental visits are one of the least favorite things a person has to do. Dental anxiety is a real thing and we all suffer from it. The ominous sound

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guide to dental crowns

A Beginner’s Guide to Dental Crowns

A quick guide to dental crowns to help you learn the basics about this procedure. Our teeth are an important part of our buccal cavity. They perform the important functions of grinding and chewing the food to make it more digestible.  Over time, teeth get

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is holloween candy bad for kids teeth?

How is Halloween Candy Bad for Your Teeth?

How is Halloween candy bad for your teeth? Here’s what dentists have to say. The time-honored tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween is less than a century old. In the 1930s, American children started ringing doorbells to ask for candy. In return, they were given all

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