secret solution for missing and broken teeth for people aged 40

What is the Best Solution for Missing and Broken Teeth for People Aged 40?

Can’t find the best solution for missing and broken teeth for people aged 40? Our dentists discuss below.

It is said that a smile is a curve that sets everything straight, and wouldn’t you agree with that? The smile is the most beautiful feature of a person and when one has a remarkable smile then one also has confidence. 

As a person starts to age, they become more conscious of how they look and how to achieve a more youthful appearance; missing and misshapen teeth will do the opposite.

It is a known fact that as you grow older, your teeth start to fall out which shows signs of aging and so regular visits to the dentist start to occur. A common practice is fixing up the missing teeth but what are the different ways in which this can be done? 

Different Ways to Replace Teeth

When there is a tooth missing at the very back of the mouth such as the molars, it causes strain to occur on the other teeth in the same arch because they have to compensate for the missing tooth. This increases pressure on the other teeth in the arch can damage them and cause dents to occur on their surfaces (proximal and occlusal ones). 

  • Furthermore, when any front teeth are missing that is simply a problem of aesthetics. No one likes walking around and smiling when there is a huge gap in the front of their mouth. 

The different ways to return the teeth to their normal state are…

  • Dentures – It is a plastic appliance that can simply be removed and placed back into the mouth as you would do with retainers; there are two types of dentures. 
  • Complete Dentures These are for when almost all the teeth are missing, so a few more are removed and when the gum has healed then the denture is placed in. It is common especially in old-aged people but is also not the most comfortable solution. 
  • Partial Dentures – These are for when few teeth are missing and can replace them with fake ones while keeping the other teeth in their positions firmly. 
  • Bridges – This works for when there are one to two missing teeth. The adjacent teeth around the missing tooth are prepared by being reduced in size so that the bridge can fit in easily. 

The bridge consists of prepared crowns that replace all three teeth in a row (one missing, two adjacent teeth altered). Although this method is low in cost, in about 70 to 80% of people these dentures come out after 10/12 years. 

  • Implants These are titanium roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone of the patient’s mouth, and are allowed to fuse with it. Although this procedure sounds painful, it is quite simple and is now the modern and main prosthetic procedure used to replace missing teeth. It also has a success rate of about 96 to 98%, because unlike the other two; implants mimic a natural tooth better.

Implants may cost the most out of the three options available, but they also last the longest and provide comfort like no other.


For most people, it is essential to have a winning smile and a full set of teeth to go hand in hand with that. All options for replacing teeth lost or broken have their advantages but the one that suits the patient’s comfort level should always be chosen above all else.

Comfort is key and so it is important to choose what looks best and what feels best. There are many dental clinics at Westmont, IL that ensure that a patient is left with a youthful smile even at the age of 40.

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