Dental Bridges

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges in Westmont

Are you unsure whether dental bridges are the best option to address your tooth loss issue? Even one missing tooth can cause a multitude of oral health issues, so you’ll need to decide how to replace the gap that has opened up in your mouth. When you lose a tooth, it may eventually cause your remaining teeth to shift out of their present position, which is something you do not want to happen. Your teeth may become crooked as they begin to shift, and straight teeth are easier to maintain than crooked teeth.

Here are the questions individuals most usually ask about dental bridges –

What Happens During a Dental Bridge Procedure?

A dental bridge can be installed throughout two to three or one to two-hour appointments with the dental bridge dentists in Westmont.

Your dentist will measure and evaluate the afflicted teeth at your initial visit. They’ll model your missing tooth and the teeth on either side. In the meantime that your permanent bridge is being built, they will also set up a temporary bridge.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Dental Bridges?

You might be a good candidate for a dental bridge if your lost teeth are close together and your jawbone is healthy enough to handle dental implants. You should initially treat any gum disease or tooth decay issues for the best outcomes. You should also give up smoking and commit to maintaining good dental hygiene if you want to maintain your oral health both during and after treatment.

Do Dental Bridges Make It Challenging To Eat?

For the first five days following the treatment, dental bridges could feel awkward and foreign. Yet, a patient shouldn’t experience any discomfort when eating. When chewing, severe pain is a symptom that something isn’t right, and your dental bridge dentists in Westmont should take a look.

Are dental bridges subject to any specific maintenance?

After the operation, the bridge should feel normal in the mouth. Although the bite should be straight, it could take some time to adjust to the bridge’s shape. To start, the dental bridge dentists in Westmont advise sticking to soft meals until the mouth heals from any first sensitivity.

It is essential to maintain oral hygiene properly if you want the bridge to last as long as possible. Patients need to floss under the false tooth like natural teeth. With a dental bridge, flossing can be challenging, so the dental bridge dentists in Westmont may offer specialized cleaning instruments and instructions. For cleanings and checkups, it’s also crucial to schedule regular dentist appointments.

Is the process of placing a dental bridge invasive?

No, installing a dental bridge is not an intrusive procedure. The insertion of dental bridges may necessitate a modest surgical operation. Preparing the abutment teeth, inserting the dental crowns, and affixing the dental bridge are the steps in the procedure for a fixed dental bridge that is not supported by a dental implant.

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