Water for better teeth health

Go For Tap Water Instead of Bottled Water for Better Teeth Health – Here’s Why

Today we discuss why dentists recommend tap water for better teeth health.

Did you know your habit of drinking water from a bottle could indirectly be promoting tooth decay? It may come as a surprising thing because after all, bottled water doesn’t contain sugar or carbohydrates that convert into sugar and cause tooth decay, right?  

Even though there is no sugar or sneaky carbohydrates involved, bottled water also does not contain fluoride in it, the important element that makes your teeth strong and prevents cavities and tooth decay. 

Since manufacturers of these bottles treat the water in a special way, there is no fluoride left in the water. While some companies add fluoride to their water, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the U.S does not require these companies to list the amount they add unless it has to be in a set limit. 

In other words, if it is bottled water you are drinking, you are not getting enough fluoride.  

Why is Fluoride so Important for Your Teeth? 

  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral and according to researchers, kids who drink more tap water have fewer cavities. When this was discovered, it was a huge thing because, before the discovery, many adults and children alike suffered from cavities and tooth decay leading to permanent removal of their teeth. 

Ever since then communities around the world started adding fluoride to the water supplies. It has been like that since the 1940s. And over the following years, many other studies have provided enough evidence that fluoride found in tap water is a very safe and effective way to prevent decay and cavities. In fact, it can even help reverse tooth decay! 

  • The Centers for Disease and Control has named this move one of the biggest public health achievements of the 20th century. In other words, tap water is a much better source of drinking water compared to bottled water. Just make sure that your community water supply is fluoridated before consuming tap water. 

Why You Should Replace Bottled Water with Tap Water for Better Teeth Health? 

  • If you have children at home, it is very important that you encourage the use of tap water in your home because children need healthy levels of fluoride in their bodies for healthy and strong teeth. 

The fluoride found in toothpaste and professional treatments like preventative dentistry are an excellent way to ensure that your children are safe from tooth decay and cavities. But it is necessary that fluoride is also ingested through tap water to completely protect the teeth health. 

  • So next time you reach out for a glass of water for yourself or your child, consider reaching for tap water through a filtering system. You’ll boost the teeth health for your family and you’ll also do something good for the environment. 

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