Celebrity Smile

How to Get a Celebrity Smile

Having a perfect celebrity smile gives you an immense confidence boost. Here’s how celebrities get their teeth in tip to shape.

Who is your style icon? Most people can rattle off the names of a few celebrities who’s “look” they like, and try to emulate. From clothes, to makeup, to hair-style, people use celebrities as their model for what is “attractive”. However, few people ever notice that the one thing most fashion mavens and ‘A’ list celeb’s have in common … A flawless smile. That is because our stars of stage and screen know that having pearly white teeth speaks volumes about your health and personality.

A glistening grin makes a person approachable and likeable from the moment they step onto the red carpet. You deserve to have the same ability in your everyday life, even if you don’t have the budget of a glitzy Hollywood star. The solution is a professional teeth whitening  treatment at Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry in Westmont.

Yes, in many cases making your teeth just a couple of shades cleaner makes a huge difference. That is the reason why you can now find hundreds of options for “at-home teeth whitening” kits at your local grocery store. Unfortunately, most home teeth whitening solutions are either temporary or completely ineffective. In order to achieve the proper look for your mouth, and maintain it, there is no other option than using a cosmetic dentist  like Dr. Omar Ali & Dr. Ahmad Ahmad DMD.

Only Cosmetic Dentists Can Give You that Celebrity Smile

Here are the reasons why you need a cosmetic dentist for effective and long-lasting treatment.

Firstly, whitening sensitive teeth is extremely difficult. So, if you already cringe when you take that first sip of orange juice in the morning, the best way to freshen your smile is by a professional. Your doctor will take the extra steps to make sure that you are comfortable. For instance, at our dental office in Westmont Illinois, your pampering begins as soon as you sit in the examination chair. Your choice of music, HD television program, and chair massage setting, are the first order of the day. Dr. Omar Ali & Dr. Ahmad Ahmad will then administer the gentlest exam you have ever experienced.

Secondly, your dentist has access to newer and better medical-grade whitening compounds, so even the most stubborn oral blemishes will disappear. As many customer reviews will attest, the same cannot be said of the “at home” methods. Also, these compounds can be calibrated to your specific needs, because one size does not fit all when it comes to reinvigorating your teeth. This makes the final product sparkling white, but also natural-looking. Your smile should dazzle people, not blind them.

Thirdly, contrary to popular belief, it is usually quicker to get an in-office whitening due to “repeated treatments”. In many cases a full teeth whitening only takes Dr. Omar Ali or Dr. Ahmad Ahmad one hour to complete, and then you are set for months of having an award winning smile. On the other hand, a DIY method may only last a week. In fact, in many cases with store-bought kits, the results may only last a matter of days. This causes most people to continuously reapply the products over and over again. By the end of the first month, patients who chose a professional treatment are smiling a little wider than their at-home counterparts.

Of course, there are hundreds of ways that you can refresh your mouth that can achieve drastic results. However, teeth whitening is by far the most popular due to its: speed, affordability, and comfort. For more details of how to get a Celebrity Smile, contact a member of our staff by calling (630)453-0282 or by clicking here and scheduling a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.