Pull a toddler's loose teeth

How To Pull A Toddler’s Loose Teeth In 5 Easy Steps

If you absolutely need to pull a toddler’s loose teeth out, there are ways you can do it to minimize the pain.

You’ve probably wondered about this more than once – what should you do when the time comes to pulling your child’s loose teeth? At Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry, Westmont, we compiled a list of dos and don’ts of pulling children’s teeth so you don’t have to think twice next time you see a loose tooth in your child’s mouth.

  • Children usually start losing milk teeth at around age six or seven. The teeth at the front of the mouth, also called incisors, are usually the first batch of teeth to loosen up and go. When permanent teeth start coming in their place, the roots of the baby tooth usually dissolve till the tooth is loose enough to fall out without causing pain or blood.

However, there are times when the teeth may not fall out as easily as you may have expected and parents are left to wonder what to do. One choice is to see the dentist for general dentistry or attempt to remove the tooth on your own. The best thing to do however is to wait until the tooth falls on its own. 

  • There are a bunch of myths that explain how you can pull a loose tooth. It usually involves tying a string to the tooth and a doorknob and then slamming shut the door hard. But this is actually pretty bad for your kid’s oral health. If the teeth are not ready to fall out naturally, any attempt to pull them may cause pain. It can also result in excessive bleeding, infection, and damage to tissue.

If you see the tooth still attached to the roots, it is best to not attempt to pull it and ask your children to do the same. Encourage them to keep the teeth in their place until they loosen up a bit more. You can help in this matter by encouraging your kids to brush regularly or eat food like an apple to help loosen the teeth so it falls out naturally. 

  • If, however, you believe the tooth is ready to come out but has overstayed its welcome, then you can pull the tooth on your own by following the steps written below by a professional.

How to Pull a Toddler’s Loose Teeth

According to dentists at Celebrity Smiles, this is the best way to pull a loose baby tooth.

  • Wash your hands and disinfect them. Use your fingers to wiggle the tooth back and forth with a piece of tissue or clean cloth. If it is ready to come out, just twist it a little and it should pop out easily.
  • Now apply some pressure to the area with a gauze pad if you see some form of bleeding. The bleeding naturally stops within a few minutes.
  • Now see the gums to make sure it is clear of any remains of the baby tooth. In many cases, the area is usually clean and you may even see the top of permanent tooth sprouting from the hole. If however you detect fragments of the baby tooth, visit your dentist immediately for careful extraction.
  • If your child is uncomfortable the next day, or you see redness on the area, make an appointment with one of our dentists to be sure that the area is not infected.

If you are unsure of anything, the best course of action is to consult your dentist for the best solution. Feel free to contact our dental office and we will help you with any questions or concerns you have.