pros and cons of invisalign braces

Invisalign Vs Braces: Which is the Better Choice for You?

Invisalign Vs Braces: Before opting for any procedure dentist near you discuss the pros and cons of  both procedure

All of us agree that a beautiful smile adds to one’s overall appearance, and for that, one needs to have perfectly aligned teeth. People prefer to straighten their teeth to achieve a flawless smile. Dentists usually recommend choosing between the two procedures: Braces or Invisalign. It is a difficult choice to make when it comes to choosing between either of the procedures.


Want to get your teeth aligned but have no idea which procedure to go for? Well, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of both procedures that will help you in making the right choice.

What are Braces?

Braces are made of metal and attached to the outside of the teeth. Metal wires and rubber bands are attached to the brackets.

What is Invisalign?

In Invisalign treatment, clear plastic aligners are used. They are customized according to the requirement of the patient’s teeth

  • Pros of Braces

Following are the pros of braces


The cost of braces is low and affordable compared to the cost of Invisalign.

Effectiveness and Perfect Result

  • Braces tend to be more effective and give better results than Invisalign. Braces have more force that can move the teeth to the desired position. At the same time, braces can not be moved or removed by the patient himself so there are fewer chances of their displacement. On the other hand, aligners can be removed by the patient himself so they can be misplaced when tried to be installed by the patient himself.


Suitable for all types of Misalignments

The biggest advantage of braces is that they can be used to treat even the most complicated cases in terms of teeth adjustment and straightening.

Multiple Types of Braces to Choose From

  • Patients now have a choice to choose between ceramic or lingual braces, so it’s not just about metal wires and rubbers. Moreover, patients have the choice of changing the color of their rubbers upon their visit to the dentist.

Cons of Braces


Braces are less aesthetically pleasing than aligners. People with braces become self-conscious and tend to avoid smiling in social gatherings due to braces.

Care and Cleaning

  • Braces need far more care than aligners. They are difficult to clean. Brushing your teeth with braces is difficult. Correct brushing is vital as food stuck between wires and in rubbers can lead to plaque.

Diet with Braces

One needs to be very careful while choosing what food to eat as hard food particles can damage and break the wires.

Frequent Visits

Braces require regular check-ups. At least once a month, one needs to consult his dentist.

  • Pros of Aligners

Coming to aligners, here are some reasons to choose aligners over braces.

invisalign vs bracesAppearance

Compared to braces, aligners look more aesthetically pleasing. They are an invisible alternative to traditional braces.


  • Aligners are more convenient to have as they can be removed by the patient himself. If you are planning to go out for eating, you can take your aligners along.

Easier to Brush and Floss

While there is always a chance of some food remaining on rubber bands and in between wires even after brushing, cleaning aligners is much easier.

Fewer Consultations Are Required

For Invisalign, fewer dental consultations are required. You won’t have to see your dentist every month or so.

  • Cons of Invisalign

Below are a few disadvantages of Invisalign

Discipline required

Patients need to be disciplined when it comes to aligners. They are to be worn 22 hours a day so one needs to be regular and punctual in wearing them.


Invisalign is costly as compared to braces.


While braces can deal with all sorts of cases, aligners can not.

Both Braces and Invisalign have their pros and cons.

It is a tough choice to choose between braces and aligners. Consult Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry in Westmont IL. Their team of professionals will help you make the right choice.