is 40 the right age for dental implants

Is 40 The Right Age For Dental Implants?

Age may impact dental procedures, but is 40 the right age for dental implants?

Dental implants are placed to replace any missing teeth, specifically in adults. This loss of teeth could be due to various factors, such as age, any injury, congenital disease, or others. No matter what reason led up to this, implants can be easily added to provide relief and not disturb the natural aesthetic. 

Before a dental implant is placed in the patients’ mouth, it is important to consider age and oral health. Although age may not have a significant role, oral health is extremely vital to be assessed. If a patient has poor health, it might not be feasible to place implants. In such cases, patients are thoroughly advised to keep up their oral health. 

Now comes the big question: 

Is There Any Minimum Age Limit to Have Dental implants?

In reality, dental implants are only placed when the jaw is fully matured. If implants are done before puberty, they can interfere with bone development, and not only they will cause problems but won’t be that durable. 

  • Due to this, there could be more risk of spaces between teeth. There could also be some sort of bone loss. Patients may have even developed an over or underbite. All of this is not just bad for the functioning of teeth, but also the aesthetics. 

The growth of the jaw may continue up to 20 years in some cases. Therefore, candidates who haven’t achieved puberty or are under 18 years of age are not advised to get dental implants. It is vital to achieving skeletal maturity prior to getting any sort of dental implants. 

Losing Teeth at 40 Years – Is Dental Implant The Right Answer?

Candidates being 40 years old or more have usually achieved the much-needed maturity. They might be considering dental implants due to accident, disease, or other factors causing loss of teeth. At this age, the underlying factor must be considered first. Due to the accidental impact, one or many teeth may fall out. 

  • Other causes can be damage due to sports. Often if a mouth guard is not used, it can lead to losing teeth during sports. You may also be losing teeth at 40, due to poor oral health.

This leads to premature tooth decay. Poor diet and health and smoking may cause premature loss of teeth. There are many causes that can lead to losing teeth at 40. No matter what reason, you can easily get them replaced due to the latest scientific advancements. 

Facts to Know Before Implants 

If you have healthy oral health and no gum related problems, then you are an excellent candidate for dental implants regardless of your age. If you are a heavy smoker, it can affect the healing process and is not acceptable in long term. It can also affect the bone, which is forming around the gum, due to which the healing is reduced. 

  • Other than that, there are other factors important too. For example, diabetes, cancer, weak immune system or blood clotting diseases. All of these can lead to a hindrance in getting implants. They can also cause the healing to slow down, or even stop it altogether. 

Final Note on the Right Age for Dental Implants

  • Before you get a dental implant, it is essential to get yourself thoroughly examined. Your age is not the only factor but other factors are also important to know. Certain diseases or the use of drugs can cause an issue.

Just like any other implants, there is no guarantee for the whole life. However, with proper care, maintaining oral health, and regular checkups, one can improve healing. Not only that, you will be able to retain them for a longer time. Get in touch with Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry in Westmont, IL to get your consultation today.