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Laser Dentistry Benefits and Applications

Learn in detail about laser dentistry benefits and its many applications from expert dentists in Westmont

Dental visits are one of the least favorite things a person has to do. Dental anxiety is a real thing and we all suffer from it. The ominous sound of a whirring dental drill stays with us for a long time. Most people associate dental appointments with pain and discomfort. 

Laser dentistry is a panacea for these problems. More and more dentists are opting for it to make the dental procedures less painful and hassle-free.

Laser dentistry has a wide range of applications; it can be used to treat periodontal ailments, remove canker sores, and even help in teeth whitening. While laser dentistry is quite costly, the cost is a practical tradeoff for the lack of invasiveness and quick post-procedure recovery that laser dentistry offers.

It has been reported that the usage of laser equipment results in less blood loss and less tissue trauma. Additionally, the transmission of infections and diseases is minimal since no object besides the laser beam comes in contact with the surgical site.

Here are some laser dentistry benefits you should know about.

What should I Expect During My Dental Treatment?

  • Before starting the process, your dentist will sanitize the area and “freeze” the site of surgery with a numbing cream. In most cases of laser surgery, numbing creams suffice, and patients rarely experience any pain or sensation during the procedure. The dentist points the diode on the affected area which is usually a diseased tissue or calculus. 

The laser beam selectively removes diseased tissues and germs, leaving the healthy tissues unharmed. This protocol also stimulates the regeneration of fibers, eventually replacing the removed tissues and healing the area.

Presently, laser surgery for dental treatment falls in either of the two categories. 

  • Hard Tissue Laser: Suppose the task at hand requires cutting through enamel or some hard substance such as a buildup, which causes periodontal diseases and bad breath. In that case, your dentist might use a hard tissue laser. 
  • Soft tissue laser: On the other hand, the soft tissue laser is designed for more supple regions – an excellent choice for extending gums, lengthening crowns, or frenectomy.

How is laser dentistry better than conventional methods?

Laser dentistry benefits are abundant, but perhaps the most significant advantage posed by laser dentistry is that it has fewer adverse effects than standard electrical methods. For instance, in most cases, the patient is less likely to experience pain during a laser procedure, so the anesthesia dosage administered during the surgery is also less. 

  • Dental drill damages the surrounding tissues. As a result, the gums go into a state of trauma, post-surgery. Since laser dentistry is very precise, the surrounding tissues do not suffer much. This means that a patient can recover speedily without stitches or surgical sutures. 

Laser dentistry is a noiseless process. Patients feel more at ease during laser procedures compared to being treated with whizzing dental drills. 

laser dentistry benefits and applications

Am I the right candidate for dental laser surgery?

  • That is for your dentist to decide. Nevertheless, dental procedures that involve laser tools are very safe and reliable. Dentists recommend them as minimal anesthesia, and follow-up is required for laser surgery. Even patients with pacemakers are recommended a laser procedure since electrical surgery might mess with their heart rate.

Laser dentistry has wide applications. It can be used for cosmetic purposes such as brightening your smile before your wedding day or for sawing teeth to fit crowns and bridges. It is also used for retaining tooth and gum health such as plaque removal, tartar removal, and tooth filling. 

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