Different Types of Dentures

Learn The Different Types of Dentures From Dental Experts

Learn The Different Types of Dentures From Dental Experts.

Dentures are false teeth or prosthetics designed to replace natural teeth which may have been lost. People can lose teeth due to a number of reasons such as accidents involving facial injuries or tooth decay etc. Dentures substitute missing teeth. They also help in improving facial appearance, by filling in the gaps left by lost teeth. 

The absence of teeth can cause facial muscles to sag over time. Dentures prevent that from happening.

There are different types of dentures that are designed for various requirements of patients. Patients who have lost most of their teeth require complete dentures, while others may require partial dentures. Let us look at different types of dentures and their functionality:

Complete Dentures

  • These dentures are replacements for the entire set of teeth. They are customized according to each person’s requirements to provide maximum comfort. Complete dentures are removable and are not anchored to the bone inside the mouth.

Complete dentures help in carrying out and regulating the normal functions of the mouth. They regulate mastication which allows the person to grind and chew efficiently. Complete dentures are mostly required by senior citizens who have lost all of their teeth. 

Complete dentures can be categorized into the following types:

  • Conventional dentures: They are prepared after the natural teeth have been removed through extraction. They are placed inside the mouth, eight to twelve weeks after the surgery. During this time, the gum tissues heal from the surgeries.
  • Immediate dentures: they are prepared in advance before the surgery is carried out. They are placed inside the mouth soon after the surgery. One downside of immediate dentures is that they can require more adjustments to fit inside the mouth. This is due to the fact that after teeth are removed, bones and gums shrink. Hence, immediate dentures may not necessarily fit in sometime after the surgery.

Partial Dentures

  • The second of the different types of dentures is partial dentures. They are used for patients who have some existing teeth and need support in place of missing teeth. The partial dentures comprise of replacement teeth attached to a base that resembles the color and texture of human gum. The base is connected to a metal framework and clasps. The clasps are used for adhering the dentures to the mouth. 

Some partial dentures are removable. They are attached to your teeth with removable devices called precision attachments. Precision attachments are more natural-looking than metal clasps.

different types of dentures

  • Partial dentures fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. They also prevent the neighboring natural teeth from changing positions. 

Implant Secured Dentures

  • Implant secured dentures have the characteristics of both dentures and dental implants. They are also called overdentures and are the least common among the different types of dentures. They are placed over a couple of implants that provide support to the overdentures. The implant-secured dentures clasp onto the dental implants. Hence implant-secured dentures can be removed and put on as per the need. 

These dentures are the preferred choice for the lower jaw because conventional partial dentures have a difficult time remaining fixed in this area. As with all types of dentures, implant secured dentures require care and caution. 

We hope that reading about the different types of dentures has helped you understand your own requirement for the denture. We recommend you to consult Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry if you are looking for denture treatment in Westmont, IL.

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