Managing dental anxiety

Panic! At the Dentist: A Guide to Managing your Anxiety in the Face of a Cosmetic Dental Procedure

We’ve put together this simple guide on managing dental anxiety for our patients who will go through a cosmetic procedure.

So, you have made the decision to get the cosmetic dental treatment that will finally give you the smile of your dreams. You should feel great, but instead, you – like many patients – can’t help but notice that sinking feeling in your stomach. Suddenly, questions start swirling around your brain:

Will it hurt?

Will the office be hard to find?

Will I be able to afford it?

Will I like the dentist?

Will the dentist like me?

It’s common on the eve of any medical procedure to be nervous. However, if you are putting-off treatments that you desperately want or need because of anxiety, then you are putting your health at risk. Here at Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry, we think that the best way to calm your nerves is to tell you all of the reasons why everything’s going to be ok everything’s going to be ok.

Things to Consider When Managing Dental Anxiety

#1 – You have done your research:

We live in the golden age of information so; you have no doubt consulted with Google about this life-changing decision. It probably started simply, by you searching for a specialist near you. For instance, when we search for cosmetic dentistry in Downers Grove Illinois, our website , appeared almost immediately.

During your search, I’m sure that a handful of other Downers dental offices flooded the “maps” portion of the computer screen as well. After familiarizing yourself with your options based on your location, you chose the office that was most convenient to you. In fact, you may have already programmed the dental practices address into your phone’s GPS for driving instructions.

#2 – You know what you want:

There is a reason why you began this adventure in the first place. One day, you were looking in the mirror and decided that your mouth could look better. You know what you want the doctor to help you with; you just need to be able to explain it.

Go back to that mirror with a pen and paper and write down exactly what you want to correct. We have even had patients print out a picture of themselves and then mark it with a red felt pen, so trust us when we say that this is a popular coping mechanism. There is nothing wrong with someone taking a personal interest in their health care. Furthermore, whatever you need to do in order to clearly express what results you want and/or expect, will only aid the doctor in delivering those results.

Fold up the note you have written (or the picture you have marked) and make sure you take it with you to your initial consultation. Which leads us to the next reason it will all turn out fine …

#3 – You have consulted with a professional:

Armed with your hand written statement of your goals and the office’s GPS coordinates, you then had an initial consultation with the Downers Grove Cosmetic Dentist that you chose. During this informal meeting you should have had a productive dialogue with your doctor.

In “starter consultations” with Dr. Omar Ali or Dr. Ahmad Ahmad DMD for instance, they will go out of their way to make sure that the talk is as low-pressure as possible. The only purpose of your first chat should be the easy exchange of information. Explain what you need, let the doctor examine you so they can share their thoughts, and together you will learn which procedure is right for you and why. Dr. Omar Ali & Dr. Ahmad Ahmad do not rest until you have a firm grasp of what his treatments entail.


By following these three simple steps before your cosmetic dental procedure, you should be able to satisfy anything that may trigger your anxiety. Now, when you go into your dentist’s office on the day of your treatment, you will know that you are prepared, relaxed and in good hands.