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Why Do People Above The Age of 40 Need Dentures?

Do individuals above the age of 40 need dentures? Dentists in Westmont weigh in

Aging is a natural and irreversible process. Aging leads to multiple undesirable changes such as loss of the teeth. Poor oral health and hygiene and a genetic predisposition to tooth loss are some factors that accelerate this process. 

Teeth are an important part of the digestive system and the loss of one or more teeth impacts the entire body. The food is digested poorly, as a result of which you face gastrointestinal issues

To substitute loss teeth, dentures have come into action. A denture is an adjustable and removable substitute for lost teeth and gums. They are also known as false teeth. Dentures are of two types:

Your dentist will determine the type of dentures you will need depending on the extent of teeth damage and condition of your gums. Dentures are mostly needed by people who are above the age of 40. Let us take a look at some of the common reasons why people above this age need dentures.

Loss of Natural Teeth

  • Dentures act as substitutes for lost teeth. Teeth may be lost due to injuries. However, in most cases, tooth loss occurs due to poor oral hygiene. Untreated and undetected dental decay can result in the weakening of tooth structure and its gradual loss.

In any event, losing teeth gives rise to a plethora of problems such as deterioration of jaw bone and dentures are there to fix these problems. 

Issues in Chewing and Speaking

  • This is related to the previous point. If a couple of teeth are missing then you will find it difficult to chew, speak, and smile properly. This is where dentures come to action. They will save you from the troubles of improper speaking, chewing, and the embarrassment of flashing a half-tooth smile. 

Speech pronouncement can be particularly embarrassing if your front teeth are missing. Dentures bring back to life all the important oral functions such as talking and chewing. 

Changing Facial Contour

  • The structure of your face can change drastically if some of your teeth are missing or they are not fully developed. Because the teeth structure is not in place to hold them, facial muscles start to sag and droop. As a result, the face starts to appear hollow. With dentures in place, the appearance of the face improves and the sagging is reversed.

This boosts self-confidence and individuals are able to carry on their day to day tasks with ease and confidence. 

Taking Care of Dentures The Right Way

Now that we have understood the importance and need for dentures, let us take a look at how to take care of them.

Rinse Dentures After Eating

  • After eating food, remove the dentures and rinse them thoroughly. This will help you get rid of food particles and debris. The best way to clean dentures is to soak them in a glass of clean water for a while. Gently run a brush over them while ensuring that you don’t damage the clasps that hold them together. 

Soak Dentures Overnight

Dentures require moisture to keep their shape intact. To ensure their shape, soak them in water or a denture solution every night. Let them remain soaked overnight. Read the instructions on the denture-soaking solution before performing this action. 

do people above the age of 40 need dentures

Clean Dentures Properly

  • The denture-soaking solution is full of chemicals. Before putting them back on, make sure you thoroughly rinse and clean the dentures to get rid of the chemicals. Otherwise, it can cause vomiting and other issues.

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