symptoms when you need dental implants

What are some signs you may need dental implants?

Dentists reveal the signs you may need dental implants.

If you have lost one or a number teeth, you will face a lot of difficulties and challenges. Not only does tooth loss cause hindrance in your eating habits, but it also affects your physical appearance. Moreover, if you lose some teeth, the jaw can sink and cause more pain. To address these problems, many turn to dental implants due to their cosmetic appeal. 

Modern dentistry has formulated the use of dental implants in patients of all ages. However, it is relatively more common in older patients. If you are someone with missing teeth but do not know whether suitable for getting implants or not, read the following signs to know.

Common Signs that You Need a Dental Implant

1. Having Missing or Crooked Teeth

  • Sometimes due to an accident, any gum disease, negligence, or several other possible reasons, your teeth may fall out or get severely damaged. You will face challenges in how you talk, eat and look. Dental implants offer you a more natural solution to replace those damaged teeth.

2. If You Are Not Satisfied With Dentures

  • Dentures provide a whole set of teeth that you can easily apply and remove. Sometimes they might not fix in your jaw correctly, or maybe you are not getting used to them.  Implants are not temporary like dentures, and they are appropriately fixed with your jawbone. It is essential to know the facts of both implants and dentures and choose one which suits you best.

3. Having Tooth Infection

If you have any underlying gum or periodontal disease, you might be experiencing some infection. This infection will also recur and may become more severe with time.

  • If the infection has completely ruined your tooth, you can easily replace it with an implant. This implant will reduce the discomfort and the pain and will also improve your oral health. Infections need to be addressed in a timely manner so that they do not spread in your oral cavity further. 

4. Your Jawbone is Being Affected

  • If you have had missing teeth for a long time, your jaws will sink in due to loss of bone mass. Due to this, the whole structure of your face changes dramatically. It is vital to add implants as early as possible to prevent further damage. Getting implants early will, in fact, help your jawbone to strengthen and not destroyed further. 

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5. If you are looking for a long-term solution

  • Sometimes you want to get a solution that lasts for a long time. Spending money and visiting a dentist can cause a lot of strain for the patient. Due to this, they want to get a solution that will be worth their time and money. An implant is not going to be just that. With a healthy oral routine at home, they can quickly increase the longevity of their dental implants. 


  • Dental implants are no doubt one of the best solutions that modern dentistry has to offer. Missing or badly damaged teeth can all be fixed by it. Combined with regular checkups and a healthy oral hygiene routine at home, they can also be last for a very long time.

A significant advantage is that they look closest to what their natural teeth look like. It also helps them to eat, walk, talk and look better. In patients, it has helped in gaining back the confidence to smile.

However, you must take care of your oral hygiene and general health to ensure their effectiveness. To learn more or to book an appointment, get in touch with Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry.