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What Are Some Signs You Might Need Dentures?

 Here are some signs you might need dentures according to what dentists say.

Dentures are not restricted by age. They are used specifically in case of poor oral habits or when you are suffering from decay. We might think dentures are rare, but in fact, they are much more common.

While most people might be using them to eat or chew properly, some only use them for aesthetic purposes. If people have good oral health practices, they can avoid having dentures in the future.

However, you might be experiencing some teeth and gums issues and are wondering if you will eventually need dentures. Do note that some of these can still be addressed with other dental procedures.

Here are few signs which will prove that you might need to have dentures

1. You do not visit your dentist regularly

  • Some people have the habit of getting their teeth checked regularly by their dentist, while some don’t. Regular checkups help you to identify any disease or tooth decay way before. Very few people take dentist visitations seriously and are keen ongoing.

Ideally, you should be visiting your dentist twice a year, so that he can check up on your teeth. They can identify and treat problems at an earlier stage and prevent it from progressing further.

2. Having bleeding or swollen gums

  • If you have inflammation in your gums, they can indicate any underlying common periodontal disease. These diseases are one of the main reasons for early tooth loss. If detected at an earlier stage, these diseases can be prevented and cured. A simple cleaning and better oral care will prevent any disease from growing further. Making dentures can be easily avoidable.

3. Shifting or Loose Teeth

  • If your teeth are moving around a lot, or simply have wider gaps that can also lead to having dentures. These gaps are a sign of gum disease that may have progressed and sometimes they need to be removed. In such cases, dentures are essential.

4. Having a toothache

  • A common and recurring toothache might be a sign of gum damage. It means that your teeth may have decayed so much, that the nerve is being attacked too.

In the early stages, a filling can treat it. However, if it has gone far then it is difficult to save your teeth. You might need to replace some or a lot of teeth with dentures.

some signs you might need dentures

5. Having Gastrointestinal Disease

  • Young people with indigestion are prone to tooth damage. Simply, the strong acid in your stomach might come up to your esophagus. You might also not be able to chew your food, due to which your food is not going to break down. This might be hard on the stomach and cause pain, bloating, and indigestion.

6. Unable to Chew Properly

  • If your teeth are unable to do their basic function, then they are of no use. Sometimes missing teeth, gum disease, or cavities might make it extremely hard for you to eat or chew your food. This can lead to a variety of poor health.

7. Having low confidence

  • Missing teeth or having crooked teeth can make you more conscious. Some patients get dentures in early age just because they need to improve the aesthetic appeal. Having proper teeth helps boost your confidence and allow you to smile freely.


No matter what the reason is, if you are losing your teeth you can easily use dentures to get them replaced. If you take care of your permanent teeth, and regularly get them examined by dentists at Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry. Teeth are vital, and they also need attention and care.