Dry mouth home remedies

Too Little Saliva? Here Are 5 Easy Dry Mouth Home Remedies

Dry mouth, that awful feeling in your mouth can not only make it hard to swallow food but sometimes it can get in the way of talking too if it gets severe. Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but also brings with it odor-causing bacteria and a higher risk of cavities.

Although many patients we see at Celebrity Smiles, Westmont believes that dry mouth is a side effect of being old, it doesn’t necessarily cause dry mouth. It is a very common side effect of consuming over the counter and prescribed medication which is what older people have to experience a lot.

Still, dry mouth isn’t a condition that affects older people, some individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases like the Sjogren’s syndrome may also experience severe dry mouth. Other chronic conditions including diabetes may also be the cause. 

Sometimes you can easily remedy the situation by controlling tobacco use (if you smoke) or by reducing the amount of alcohol you use. If you still think you do not have enough saliva in your mouth, it could be an underlying mouth condition that needs to be remedied through general dentistry services from a dental clinic. 

Other times, you can try these 5 easy dry mouth home remedies to see if things get better for you.

Increase Water Intake

  • One of the easiest ways to remedy a dry mouth is to drink lots of water. Keep taking small sips of water throughout the day to keep a dry mouth well hydrated. Water doesn’t aggravate the acid balance in your oral cavity so it is a safe way to relieve dryness.

Sometimes however water may not be enough to provide relief. 

Try Sugar-Free Candy

  • Sugar-free candy can stimulate your mouth to produce more saliva. But you need to approach this solution with caution. It is well known that chewing or sucking on sugar-free candies can lead to cavities.

However, sugar-free gum containing xylitol can be of great help because it has well documented cavity-fighting attributes and is typically formulated in a way that it helps maintain beneficial pH levels of the mouth.

Try Using Oral Rinse

  • Oral rinse products are also a good way to fight back mouth dryness. These rinses, which are easily found over-the-counter in many drug stores, are specifically made to help with dry mouth and any accompanying conditions it brings with it. 

Just remember to use it wisely and equally with brushing and flossing. Rinses are made with certain ingredients that can be harmful to your health if you swallow it or do not use it in moderation. 

Keep an Eye On What You Eat

  • Last, but not least, if you consume a lot of caffeine-containing beverages, including coffee, soda, and tea, you can end up with a dry mouth. Alcohol consumption particularly causes this problem in individuals who drink without moderation.

On the other hand, salty food such as crisps and other snacks can also contribute to mouth dryness. Controlling what you eat can help relieve these bothersome symptoms.

At the end of the day, dry mouth could be caused by various underlying conditions of the mouth that require immediate attention from the dentist. So make sure to regularly visit a dentist – at least two times a year to ensure perfect oral health.