Permanent teeth implants

What Are Permanent Teeth Implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, you may want to consider getting permanent teeth implants.

As many of our patients enter their golden-years, it is common for them to explore their health-care options. The reasons for this sudden interest in more advanced procedures is due to having disposable cash, extra time, or because they have been putting off receiving permanent solutions in favor of lower cost (but temporary) “quick fixes” and are finally ready for an upgrade.

Permanent dental implants are one of the most popular treatments in dentistry; and for good reason. They require less maintenance, look better, and will last a lifetime with proper care. But, what are permanent implants for teeth and how do you know if they are right for you?

What are permanent teeth implants?

Dental implants, also known as endosseous implants or “fixtures”, are used to support all manner of dental prosthesis such as dentures, bridges, and crowns. Modern fixtures are made of materials such as Titanium which, over time, fuse with the bones of the patient; thereby becoming (in both form and functionality) a natural part of your body.

Implants are surgically embedded into your jaw bone so they retain a secure anchor. This will ensure that they do not wiggle in your mouth like poorly made dentures, or come lose like a crown may. The surgery involved in the procedure is described as relatively gentle (there are no nerves in the jaw bone) and quick (they can be crafted and rooted within one dentist visit in Westmont ). This aids the success rate of the treatment, which is quite high when compared to other procedures.

Thanks to a secure anchor point keeping them in place in your mouth, and the superior materials used in crafting, implants look and feel like your natural teeth and you can treat them as such! Clean them as you would your original teeth, keep your regular dentist appointments, and there is no reason why your fixtures can’t last over 15 years. If the time does come where your teeth are beginning to become discolored, you simply get the visible portions replaced. No follow up surgery required.

Single implants can be installed to replace an individual tooth, or several can be rooted to support full mouth dentures. It is the versatility of the treatment that makes it a favorite for doctors as well. Fixing many of the visible effects of periodontists and other oral diseases, dental fixtures can provide incredible results within one day.

After receiving your implants, maintenance is fairly simple. Other than regular cleanings and check-ups, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics (just in case) and schedule a few additional appointments to check on the fixtures. Patients have reported some slight jaw pain while healing from the procedure, however that is not common and it typically fades quickly.

Are permanent dental implants right for me?

Do you have any missing teeth?

Are you tired of poorly-fitted denture wiggling in your mouth?

Do you want to spend less time worrying about your mouth and more time living life?

If your answer was ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then permanent dental implants may be right for you. However, only your dentist is truly qualified to give you a definitive answer. If you would like to learn about the long-lasting health options that are available to you, you must contact Celebrity Smiles & General Dentistry.

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