Root canal after care

What Happens After a Root Canal – Common Post Treatment Care Tips

It’s not uncommon to have a root canal once in your life. However, the procedure itself has a reputation for being painful even days after it has been performed. By now you are probably already aware of what happens during the procedure but have you wondered what happens afterward and what post-treatment care is like?

We sat down with dentists at Celebrity Smiles, Westmont to discuss how your post root canal treatment care should be like.

What Happens After Root Canal

  • After the procedure has been performed, your dentist will send you home with a few instructions for immediate pain management and how to take care of the affected tooth after the procedure, and most likely a follow-up visit. It is very important to follow these guidelines especially if there is a temporary filling or crown in place.

Dentists use a special medication to numb the area around where the procedure is performed and this may wear off soon after. When it wears off, you will feel a little discomfort and tenderness in the affected area for a few days until everything heals. 

  • These are temporary symptoms that can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication. But sometimes, a dentist may choose to prescribe strong pain relief medication or antibiotics depending on your problem.

It is very important to follow the instructions given to you by your dentist because strong pain management medication can make you feel drowsy so you should be very careful when performing tasks such as driving or operating risky machinery at work.

When Should You See a Dentist After Root Canal?

You are likely going to feel a different sensation in the treated tooth for some days. But if the symptoms such as pain are getting worse, you may have to immediately see your dentist again. These symptoms can range from:

  • Visible swelling in or outside your mouth
  • Severe pain lasting days after root canal
  • Returning symptoms prior to the procedure
  • Allergic reaction to a medication such as itching or rash

Post Root Canal Treatment Care Tips

  • After a root canal, you must wait until the numbness wears off before you eat anything. You must not chew or bite anything with the treated tooth until it has been completely healed and checked by the dentist in a follow-up visit.

Remember to continue to follow your oral care routine consisting of regular brushing and flossing. This will allow you to keep the treated area clean and avoid infection.

  • Once the root canal procedure and follow-up visits with the dentist are done, you will have to return to your dentist once again for the final crown to be placed so the tooth can be restored completely.

It is very important to make this appointment immediately after the root canal procedure has been completed. If everything goes accordingly, the treated tooth can last as long as any of your other teeth.

As a final note, make sure to continue to brush and floss your teeth alongside regular visits to the dentist for general dentistry. This way you are less likely to suffer from conditions that require a root canal.