Regular Dental Check-ups

Why are Regular Dental Check-ups Necessary?

Read on to see why regular dental check-ups are very important.

However, one-time carelessness can catapult into long-term cost and effort. A dental checkup is a preventive measure carried out to nip any dental problems in the bud. Early detection of a dental defect can save the tooth from being destroyed and resorting to painful and expensive options such as root canal or tooth extraction. 

Listed below are some important reasons why you shouldn’t skip regular dental check-ups:

Early Detection of Plaque and Tartar:

  • Plaque and tartar are usually not self-detected until they develop as full-grown cavities. A dentist can catch them early on, while they can still be removed from a simple cleaning procedure. Plaque and tartar don’t show any symptoms until the tooth erodes and cavities are developed.

Once erosion starts, you will develop a toothache. It is only then you will realize that the damage has been done.

  • A full-grown cavity can only be treated by a filling or in severe cases by root canal procedure. These procedures are not only expensive, but they cause more pain as well. Precious tooth is lost due to the unchecked growth of tartar and plaque. 

They can be removed through a simple cleaning procedure which not only costs less but is a lot easier to carry out than regular dental fillings. regular dental check-ups

Diagnosis of Underlying Issues

  • X-rays of teeth and jaw bone are a part of regular dental check-ups. An x-ray can catch underlying problems that have not yet made an appearance on the surface. These problems include impacted teeth, the decay of jaw bone, underneath cysts, and tumors. 

Early detection of these underlying problems will prevent the disease from spreading. The above-mentioned problems can become serious ailments if left unchecked. A biannual dental visit will drastically reduce their chances of spreading and causing more harm.  

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

  • Cancer is a dangerous disease. In most cases, it becomes fatal because it starts manifesting itself at such a stage when it has taken deep roots inside the person’s body. Regular dental checkups can prevent the spread of oral cancer by detecting it at an early stage. 

The dentist will perform a VELscope cancer exam on your mouth. This exam reveals signs of tumors caused by accumulation of dead tissue. This exam is pain-free and takes only a couple of minutes to perform. Hence, a biannual checkup by a professional will make it highly likely that any symptom of oral cancer will be detected early on and treated appropriately

Detection of Non-dental Ailments

  • The human mouth exhibits signs of certain non-dental diseases as well. The symptoms of vitamin deficiency, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer can be detected from the buccal cavity. A professional dentist will be able to catch them during regular dental check-ups. 

During the examination, dentists also examine the jaw, neck, and lymph nodes for any lumps and other irregularities. Swollen lymph nodes can be an underlying sign of cancer. A routine dental checkup will reveal all such non-dental issues as well. 

  • From the above-mentioned points, it can be deduced that making an effort to visit a dentist every six months for your regular dental check-ups can save you from major health problems in the long run.

It is important to find a dentist you trust and are comfortable with. If you are residing in Westmont, IL, contact Celebrity Smiles for your regular dental check-ups.