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Cosmetic Dentist
in Downers Grove & Westmont IL

Are your missing teeth, aging smile or dentures making you miserable? Our patients in our before & after gallery were too, but not any more! Find out how your cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove can help restore your winning smile!

cosmetic dentistryIn a recent survey of U. S. adults, it has been found that more than 90% believe that a beautiful smile can be an essential asset in a person’s social life. 88% confirmed that they remember individuals with attractive smiles, and 74% feel that a smile that is important to the point where an unattractive smile may affect a person’s success in their own careers and professional lives.

  • 92% of U.S. adults agree that beautiful smiles are considered a “social asset”. 85% believe an unsightly smile can affect the attractiveness to the opposite sex, and 75% feel that a smile that is less than beautiful can hurt a person’s chance for career success.
  • 80% of people polled were unhappy with the appearance of their smile.
  • 88% of adults reported that an attractive smile is memorable to them.

If you feel that you fall within the range of unhappy 50 percent, talk with Celebrity Smiles about your smile. Our artist’s eye, passion for dentistry, and years of expertise and knowledge ensure the tools to create an attractive smile you’ll enjoy for life. Our smile gallery shows only a small sampling of the exceptional looks we have crafted – most with just several visits to the Celebrity Smiles office.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures can allow an individual to have a completely transformed smile in as little as an afternoon. Whether you consider a whitening treatment for stunning teeth several shades whiter; a dental implant to replace a lost or missing tooth; or a new set of cosmetic dentures for comfort and uniformity, you will improve your appearance noticeably and quickly. Most cosmetic improvements can be completed within one or two appointments.

However, he does not stop with creating dazzling smiles. He gives his patients the knowledge and products they need to keep that smile for a lifetime! It is rare indeed to find a caring dentist with this level of passion in the areas of preventive, cosmetic, and general dentistry; and the knowledge and skill to back it up.

Make an appointment today with us to meet the best cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove and experience the gentle and caring environment at Celebrity Smiles. We will listen to your desires, proceed with a thorough 15-point examination, and then present the best option for your situation. With a variety of techniques, materials, and costs available, one treatment does not fit all patients.

In a single visit, you’ll feel the core values of our doctors and staff – genuine concern for patient well-being and unparalleled attention to detail.