in Westmont IL

Straighten and Whiten Your Teeth at the Same Time WITH NO WIRE BRACES.

If you’re searching for the most trusted orthodontist in Westmont IL, you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few things you need to know about our orthodontic dental services.

Creating the smile you want may take more than just one appointment, especially if you are considering realignment of your teeth. We often think only of traditional metal braces to get teeth into the right position. However, Celebrity Smiles prefers to give our patients the experience of cosmetic orthodontics.

  • Celebrity Smiles offers two varieties of cosmetic orthodontics – Invisalign and ClearCorrect. Unlike conventional metal brackets and wires, cosmetic orthodontics utilizes clear trays for repositioning your teeth. These technologies eliminate the need for metal braces used in traditional orthodontic procedures to realign teeth. This means no ugly wires or food caught in your braces. This boost in self-confidence allows you to smile throughout your treatment and your busy day.
  • Invisalign and ClearCorrect are two forms of “invisible braces.” By utilizing clear trays that gently move your teeth over time, you will typically get the smile you desire in less than two years – sometimes as soon as six months – depending on the severity of your case. The trays work better and usually cost the patient less than traditional orthodontics. In addition to repositioning the teeth, Celebrity Smiles will also whiten your teeth during the process to give you the best, brightest smile you’ve ever enjoyed – for no extra fee! Providing both services in a gentle, relaxing, calming atmosphere allows you to take pleasure in your appointments. Many patients say that the Celebrity Smiles doctors and our staff simply provide a unique, personalized, and enjoyable dental experience.

Celebrity Smiles has been acknowledged and awarded as one of the top dentists in the country that utilize Invisalign cosmetic orthodontics successfully. In fact, the award is displayed proudly on his wall at his office. What other dental practice can show you their award for cosmetic orthodontics?

If you want gentle, lifetime, dentistry with concierge service call Celebrity Smiles and schedule your consultation today! Let Celebrity Smiles show you this exciting new area of dentistry, and enjoy the spectacular results of cosmetic orthodontics!