Complete Dental Services
in Westmont IL

You have worked hard to achieve the successes you now enjoy in your personal, social, and professional life. You have dedicated endless hours to finance, business, education, family, and life partnerships.

Now, it is time for a change. Reward yourself with the care and pampering you deserve. Visit your Westmont IL Dentist at 345 W Ogden Ave Westmont, IL 60559 or call us at (630) 593-7628.


Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry provides Invisalign in Westmont IL as an alternative to wire braces.

Cosmetic Dentistry:

Are your missing teeth, aging smile or dentures making you miserable? Allow Celebrity Smiles to improve your smile.

Periodontal Treatment

Do you have sore, sensitive, or bleeding gums? Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry provides comprehensive periodontal treatment in Westmont IL and surrounding communities.

General Dentistry

If you’re looking for a relaxing, comfortable, and overall good experience, Celebrity Smiles is the dental practice for you! We give each of our patients the one-on-one attention they deserve.


Creating the smile you want may take more than just one appointment, especially if you are considering realignment of your teeth. 

Porcelain Veneers

If you want to improve your smile in as little as one day, porcelain veneers may be the solution you seek.

Dental Implants

Whether you lost a tooth or have a denture that wiggles and wobbles, we can give you permanent teeth in a day by using dental implants.

Teeth Whitening

Enhancing your look with whiter teeth is the quickest, easiest way to improve your smile, bringing it from drab to fab in no time at all!

Preventative Dentistry

Oral health is related to the systemic health of your body. Everything connects to the mouth, and by taking care of your teeth, you help to ensure a healthy body.

Crowns and Bridges

Not all crowns and bridges are made the same. Celebrity Smiles can make a variety of crowns. We will choose the correct crown for your situation, desires, and budget.


Whether you want new ones or just need old ones fixed, if you need dentures in Westmont IL, we’re here to help.