Preventative Dentistry

Avoid Future Dental Work -
Preventative Dentistry in Westmont IL

Celebrity Smiles takes pride in seeing happy and healthy patients. We strive to educate our patients on preventative measures so they avoid future dental problems. You are largely in control of your oral health, but you need the right products and tools that are easy to use at home. We provide patients with the products for preventative dentistry in Westmont IL.

Since most people will not floss on a daily basis, Celebrity Smiles offers simple, effective systems to use at home to maintain oral health. Oral health is related to the systemic health of your body. Everything connects to the mouth, and by taking care of your teeth, you help to ensure a healthy body.

The American Medical Association indicates that many Americans do not follow a proper diet; that, of course, impacts the whole body including your oral health. The AMA suggests dietary supplements to give the body the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Low-absorbing synthetic over-the-counter vitamins are not adequate for many people. High-absorbing natural supplements such as Pharmaden nutraceuticals ( are recommended and preferred by hundreds of dental professionals.

The Pharmaden approach to periodontal therapy includes a full line of products which support the immune system, bone health, and gum health. It is the only dental supplement with a double blind study from a major University.

In fact, Celebrity Smiles where so impressed with the results when adding Pharmaden to our treatment and patient’s home care that we bought the company!

Dental professionals throughout the country and thousands of patients take Pharmaden. The products are available through licensed dental and medical professionals or at

In Celebrity Smiles competent, caring hands, your teeth and your health will be better protected.

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