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Celebrity Smiles

  • Single Patient appointments: We see only ONE patient at a time so we can commit to providing quality care that will last!
  • We Listen: Many of our patient’s come to us given the comfortable experience that we’re able to provide. By listening to your needs, we ensure there are no unexpected surprises during your visit.
  • Comfort Menu: We have overhead TV’s, music, blankets, pillows, headphones, coffee, water, tea, and more!
  • Technology: We have advanced imaging and pictures that allow you to see exactly why treatment is needed. Transparency is the key to creating trust!
  • Customized Treatment Plans: We take the time to educate our patient’s on their available options, including pricing, pros and cons to each plan, and make treatment decisions together.

Additionally Celebrity Smiles provides:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: By working with well-respected local labs we can send
    our patient’s directly to the lab to have a custom shade taken of their
    teeth to ensure a natural looking smile.
  • We want to answer all of your questions! We have a gentle, friendly, and
    helpful team to help with insurance, finances, and treatment options.
  • We use only the highest quality materials and labs in the field of dentistry.
    When it comes to your treatment, w-*e want our patient’s to have the best!
  • Advanced Oral Cancer Screening: Our Velscope can detect oral cancer up
    to 2 years before something is detectable with the naked eye.

We are committed to quality care that will last

  • Today, many dental offices are looking for ways to cut costs. This can include using
    cheap materials and labs from overseas that compromise the quality of care.
    Unfortunately, this often means that the work you’re receiving will need to be
    redone sooner, leading to increased time, pain, and expenses. At Celebrity Smiles,
    we are committed to using only the highest quality labs and materials. This ensures
    the work that you’re paying for will last giving you the best return for your

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