Crowns and Bridges

Restore Missing & Damaged Teeth -
Crowns & Bridges in Westmont IL

Celebrity Smiles provides crowns and bridges in Westmont IL. Here you can learn all about these restorative and cosmetic dental techniques.

crowns and bridgesIf you have missing teeth, you probably don’t want grandma/grandpa teeth that come in and out and that you have to store in a cup at night. Two common dental procedures performed by our doctors are crowns and bridges.

Not All Crowns & Bridges are Created Equal

When a patient has a fractured or damaged tooth, or has had a dental implant, Celebrity Smiles will place a crown on the tooth.

Not all crowns and bridges are made the same. Celebrity Smiles can make a variety of crowns. We will choose the correct crown for your situation, desires, and budget.

For example, the new cosmetic crown has no underlying metal and will never have a dark line around the tooth in years to come. Not all dentists have the same expertise in this area or use the same high quality lab that we insists on using for his patients.

Dental Crown vs Dental Bridge

When an individual is missing a tooth and is not a good candidate for dental implants or partial dentures, the best option is a fixed bridge that does not come in and out. A bridge is a series of connected crowns that are cemented on the teeth to close spaces from missing teeth.

A crown covers a tooth to give it strength, natural appearance, and protection. When placing a crown, our doctors first remove the enamel from the tooth under magnification. This procedure is like removing the bark from a tree. It is done in order to make room for the crown restoration. The crown precisely fits over the entire tooth covering all exposures. The crown absorbs shock and pressure from biting and chewing, and shields the tooth structure underneath which may be brittle or weak from previous procedures and fillings.

How Long Will They Last?

You can still get cavities underneath and around a crown, so Celebrity Smiles will show you the best way to maintain your crowns and prevent decay to avoid premature replacement. According to the American Dental Association, crowns should last for 5-7 years before they need replacement. Celebrity Smiles have seen the crowns we did on our patients last for 10-20-30 years before replacement (see photo gallery on this site for an example). Regular dental appointments with Celebrity Smiles for thorough and gentle ultrasonic dental cleanings and 15 point dental exams are essential to extend the life of your crown.